The Faroe Islands are in the midst of the North Atlantic, between Iceland, Scotland and Norway. The Faroe Islands is an archipelago of 18 islands.

The town of Vágur is on the island of Suðuroy, the southernmost island of the Faroe Islands.

How to get to the Faroe Islands?

Your travel to the Faroe Islands is either by air (Atlantic Airways and SAS) or by ferry (Smyril Line). The airport is in the island of Vágar, with a 40 minutes drive to Tórshavn. The Smyril Line ferry, Norrøna, arrives at Tórshavn.

Arriving at the airport in Vágar Airport (not the same as Vágur) you will take the buss or a shuttle-taxi to Tórshavn.

How to get to Vágur

From Tórshavn you will travel with the ferry Smyril (large new comfortable ferry), operated by SSL, and you will find the time-schedule here.

The trip to Suðuroy is a 2 hours trip – and what a wonderful beautiful trip it is (the photo to the left below).

How to get to Vágur

Arriving at the terminal in Krambatangi, Tvøroyri – you will take the buss (no. 700) to Vágur – a 20 minutes trip. The buss departures from the ferry terminal and is operated by Bygdaleiðir and you will find the time-schedule here. By car it is a 15 minutes drive.

The address of Faroe Islands Coworking Adventure is: Vágsvegur 22, Vágur.